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NSCC starts a Green Army initiative to raise awareness about bonfires which  causes air pollution

Pune: As the mercury dips, citizens make bonfires using wood, dry leaves, plastics, tires and many dangerous flammable materials. These bonfires cause air pollution resulting in bad air quality, complained the National Society for Clean Cities (NSCC). 

To fight back air pollution, NSCC launched a Green Army initiative through which they have appealed to the citizens to donate sweaters, mufflers and gloves to people who cannot afford them as many times such people burn materials to protect themselves from cold. 

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NSCC also raised awareness about the fine that can be levied on the people seeing burning bonfires.  According to the National Green Tribunal Act, 2010, the NGT has banned the burning of waste in the open and if a person is found burning dry leaves, plastic, rubber or any other waste material in the open the person will be liable to pay a sum of ₹ 5,000 as fine. 

Shyamala Desai, president of the National Society for Clean Cities (NSCC) and chairperson of the apex committee, of PMC solid waste management, said, ” PMC has the right to fine people, but the number of staff members working in PMC in comparison to the population of the city is very less, the authority can’t reach everywhere. Citizens should understand this and stop burning waste materials in the open. Also, the burning of dry leaves is not good as these dry leaves are the source to make soil. Due to urbanisation, roads are made of cement, and buildings are made of cement, which has ultimately resulted in a reduction in soil generation. We have to save the soil and make efforts to generate new soil layers. As individuals, we should first avoid burning dry leaves.”

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