Scam Alert: Virat Kohli’s video promoting a betting app is fake

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In a concerning development, cyber fraudsters are leveraging deepfake technology to manipulate videos featuring Indian cricket star Virat Kohli. These deceptive videos falsely endorse a betting app, claiming substantial profits with minimal investments. 

One prominent video, circulating on various social media platforms, portrays Kohli endorsing the app in Hindi during what seems like a live news segment. To enhance authenticity, the fraudsters have seamlessly incorporated a well-known TV journalist into the footage, creating a misleading live news atmosphere.

Adding another layer to the deception, a different deepfake video showcases Kohli speaking English with an intermittent American accent, further fueling the fraudulent promotion of the gambling app. 

These manipulations involve substituting Kohli’s genuine voice with a synthetic one, creating the illusion of his endorsement for an online game of questionable repute. Despite Kohli having no association with such games, the altered videos suggest his support, enticing viewers with promises of lucrative returns on investments.

This exploitation of public figures’ images follows a recurring pattern, with Sachin Tendulkar having previously addressed a counterfeit video that portrayed him discussing his daughter Sara’s involvement in a specific game. In the video, he is falsely quoted as saying, “It’s astonishing how simple it is to earn well these days.”

In response to these incidents, Sachin Tendulkar has urged social media platforms to remain vigilant and responsive to complaints. 

Recognizing the potential harm caused by the spread of misinformation and deepfakes, he emphasized the crucial role of swift action from these platforms in curbing such deceptive practices. Sachin conveyed these concerns on X, formerly known as Twitter, underlining the need for proactive measures against the misuse of public figures’ images. 

The deepfake phenomenon poses a serious threat to the credibility and authenticity of digital content, demanding a collective effort to address and mitigate its impact.

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