Several motorists stuck for more than 3 hours on Mumbai-Pune expressway

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Several motorists stuck for more than 3 hours on Mumbai-Pune expressway

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Mumbai-Pune expressway, often remaining in limelight for traffic issues, long lines of traffic and more, is facing long lines of traffic again as several vehicles are stuck on the Khalapur – Lonavala line on the expressway for more than 3 hours.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Rahul Shinde, a motorist stuck on Mumbai-Pune expressway, said “Right now, the entire stretch from Khalapur to Lonavala is choked up completely. Due to this, engine blowouts, traffic jam for miles etc issues are happening. Long lines of vehicles are there on this section. People are stuck on the Mumbai to Pune route on the expressway for more than 2 to 3 hours.

The current situation is so dire that several vehicles have broken down. The entire choking could be of 8 to 10 kms or maybe more than that too. I have been stuck in this vehicle choke for more than 3 hours now. Hence, the highway traffic police & other authorities must take immediate action regarding this.”

Rahul Shinde further said that if the traffic coming from Mumbai side keeps increasing, this entire traffic choke issue will continue till tomorrow as well.

Yogesh Bhosale, Assistant Police Inspector, Highway State Police Khalapur Toll Plaza, said “The number of vehicles is very much as of now on the expressway. Hence, we are clearing the traffic from the opposite lane by stopping traffic coming from Mumbai lane for 20 odd minutes frequently. However, it can’t be told as of now how much time will it take to clear the entire traffic. Still, we are doing our best to clear the choke as early as possible.”

Shreyas Vange