Shivshahi Bus On Pune-Nashik Highway Catches Fire, No Casualties Reported

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A Shivshahi bus traveling on the Pune-Nashik highway encountered a sudden and alarming incident when it erupted in flames. The incident occurred at Talegaon Chowk earlier today (Saturday) at approximately noon. Fortunately, all 25 passengers on board managed to escape unharmed, averting a potential disaster.

The ill-fated bus, bearing the registration number MH 09 EM 2607, belonged to the Maharashtra State Transport Board and was en route from Nashik to Pune. Upon reaching Talegaon Chowk in Chakan area, the bus was engulfed in flames without warning. Promptly responding to the distress call, fire engines from the Chakan Municipal Council rushed to the scene and successfully extinguished the fire within minutes.

The passengers were swiftly evacuated as soon as the fire broke out, ensuring their safety. Miraculously, no injuries or fatalities were reported. Preliminary investigations suggest that the tire caught fire due to excessive heat in the drum liner of the bus’s wheels. The incident resulted in a significant traffic jam on the Pune-Nashik highway, but authorities managed to gradually restore traffic flow with their diligent efforts.