Shocking !! 9-year-old boy succumbs to head injury at construction site in Baner

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Shocking !! 9-year-old boy succumbs to head injury at construction site in Baner

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Pune: A 9-year-old boy lost his life after a bunch of  iron rods fell and struck him on the head at an under-construction site in the Baner area of Pune. The incident has raised serious concerns about safety measures at construction sites and has left the community in shock.

The unfortunate incident occurred on Wednesday at the main road near the Ganraj chowk when the young boy, identified as Rudra Ketan Raut (9), was on his way to home in Veerbhadra Nagar after finishing his school.

Witnesses reported that a bunch of  iron rod, presumably dislodged from a higher level of the building under construction, fell and struck the boy on the head. Despite immediate efforts to rush him to the nearby hospital, Rudra succumbed to his injuries at Jupiter Hospital at 1:46 am.

Emergency  and police authorities  were quick to respond to the scene. A preliminary investigation is underway to determine the circumstances leading to the tragic incident. But prima facie, it seems that because of the absence and negligence of proper safety and security measures at the construction site the incident occurred.

Raut family members alleged that they had lost their child due to negligence of not only the contractor but also by the builder hence case needs to be registered against them .

The incident highlighted the issue of safety and security at construction sites, especially those located in densely populated areas. Residents in the Baner area have expressed concerns about the safety protocols followed by construction companies and have called for stricter regulations to prevent such accidents in the future.

This heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of enforcing and adhering to stringent safety standards at construction sites to prevent such tragedies and protect the lives of the community members. Police  are expected to conduct a thorough investigation to determine if any negligence led to this unfortunate event and to take appropriate action to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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