Shocking !!! Passenger irked as Mumbai to Bengaluru IndiGo flight has no seat cushions and runs two hour late 

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Shocking !!! Passenger irked as Mumbai to Bengaluru IndiGo flight has no seat cushions

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An IndiGo traveller took to social media platform X to express his distressing experience. The individual, who was on board flight number 5047 from Mumbai to Bengaluru, was taken aback to discover the absence of a cushion on his seat. As the video he shared gained widespread attention, it compelled the airline to issue a response.

The video was shared by Ananth Narayanan on X. In the caption of the post, he wrote, “2 hours late and no seats @IndiGo6E flight 5047! Service really seems to be deteriorating!” He also posted a video of the incident that shows there are two seats without cushioning on them.

On December 2, this post was shared and has since gained over 13,000 views with the numbers continuing to rise. Additionally, the clip has garnered numerous likes and comments.

IndiGo further responded in the comments section, expressing their sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. They assured the individual that one of their crew members was already in contact with them. Despite their attempts to reach out through the registered number, they were unable to establish a connection. The airline also mentioned that the flight would be taking off shortly and wished the passenger a pleasant journey. Numerous other individuals also voiced their dissatisfaction with the incident.

An individual expressed their dissatisfaction, stating that it is terrible that foods and beverages contribute significantly to the revenue of the airline, yet they are unable to remove their seats in such a manner. They questioned how passengers can order their in-flight foods without seats. A second person commented, expressing their disapproval towards IndiGo by stating that their actions are not acceptable. A third individual posted, questioning the current state of Indigo and suggesting that they may be becoming too complacent.

Previously, a different traveler encountered a comparable occurrence on an IndiGo flight. Subrat Patnaik posted an image of a seat without any cushion. Upon addressing the matter with the cabin crew, they instructed him to search for the cushion beneath the seat. 

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