Shri Chattuhshringi Devi Mandir makes its own compost

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Compost plant started at Chattuhshringi Devi Mandir located on Senapati Bapat road generated over 35 kg manure in the first batch. 

Pune: With an aim to make the temple premises clean and green, Shri Chattuhshringi Devi Mandir took a step by composting the nirmalya in its premises. The project started in partnership with Concentrix India along with ProEarth and Think Sharp Foundation have initiated a compost plant within the temple premises to keep the environment clean and green. The plant converts flowers and dry leaves into manure, with 35 kgs of manure being produced in the first batch of waste.

Upto today about 3 tons of nirmalya has been composted on site and saved from dumping elsewhere. The compost plant was launched under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity in December 2022. 

According to Nandakumar Angal, trustee, Shri Chattuhshringi Devi Mandir, he said, “This compost plant has been started here at temple premises wherein the flowers offered to god, dry leaves of trees are collected and treated in the compost plant which turns into a manure.”

Shilpa Lalbeg from Concentrix India explained that a caretaker collects the garlands, separates the flowers from threads and segregates plastics out of it, and dries all the wet waste. Thereafter the waste is further processed, resulting in the production of manure. The first batch yielded 35 kgs of manure, which will be used for the trees within the temple premises. A plantation program, where the manure was used, and also distributed amongst employees was held recently. 

Shilpa Lalbeg further said,  “The reason behind this initiative was to reduce the amount of waste generated by the disposal of garlands and offerings. During a river cleaning activity, it was noted that the number of flowers and garlands disposed of was high. Hence, to reduce this waste and maintain sustainability while also saving the environment, the temple trust and Concentric Software installed the compost plant within the temple premises itself.”

Anil Gokarn of ProEarth, said, “Project inaugurated at Shri Chattuhshringi Devi Mandir on 1 December 2022. The project treats 30 kg per day of nirmalya generated in the temple premises. Once the project was started there were also clean up drives conducted through volunteer initiatives from various organisations to remove all waste and plastic litter around the compound. More than 1.5 tons of waste was collected and disposed of through ProEarth and APCCI.”

Mrunal Jadhav 

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