Six mountaineers climb Katraj to Raigad in 23 hours 50 minutes

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The journey from Katraj to Raigad in just 23 hours and 50 minutes by six dedicated youths is truly remarkable and has received wide appreciation. It is a fitting tribute to the late mountaineer Arun Sawant, who had inspired many with his achievements. The six youths have shown great determination and commitment to complete the 80 km distance by running through hills and mountains, crossing 17 hills in the process.

It is commendable that the six youths had trained for four months to undertake this challenging journey. Their dedication and hard work have paid off with their successful completion of the campaign. Suraj Malusare, who led the campaign, deserves special mention for his remarkable feat of completing the distance in just 23 hours and 50 minutes.

The support team consisting of Sagar Amarale, Girish Barve, and Nachiket Joshi must also be applauded for their assistance in making this campaign successful. The hoisting of the saffron flag on Sadra on Raigad is a proud moment for all the participants and the supporters.

Overall, this journey is an inspiring example of the human spirit of endurance and perseverance. The six youths have shown that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible. Their tribute to Arun Sawant is a fitting reminder of his legacy and an inspiration to all aspiring mountaineers and adventurers.

“Our team is going to trek from six years. We are into ultra trek. (Above 50km) Our motivation is Arun Sawant he decided to do ultra range mountains every year since 2018. After his death in January 2020. Our team is continuously conducting trekking after 2020 and decided to complete the trek in one day, ” said Ganesh Bhintade, a mountaineer from Pune.

Four months of rigorous training : 
These youths underwent four months of rigorous training of running. They started their trek from Old Katraj Ghat Matha and Waghjai Mata mandir. After crossing 17 tekdis via Sinhagad’s Kalyan darwaja to Vinzar, Merawane to Phansi via Rajgad to Torna’s Budhla Machi, Chit Darwaja, Gelgani, Bramhan Pada to Mohri gaon to Singapur Naal to Dapoli via Waghire village to Raigad Wadi and climbed 1400 steps at Raigad. 

Nividita Kelapure