SRK’s Visa Rejected For Real? Watch His New Dunki Ad Promotion To Know

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Shah Rukh Khan is the ‘King Khan of Bollywood’. His new movie Dunki is now released on Netflix and SRK made the most fun announcement video to share the news. In an advertisement promoting the movie shared by Netflix India on their official YouTube channel, Shah Rukh Khan is seen entering an embassy office with his visa application. He sits down and asks the visa officer to grant him a visa. The visa officer then questioned about proof of his return to Mumbai and assets in the city, SRK responded with his trademark wit, “Beta, mera ghar sea-facing nahi hai. The sea is Mannat-facing.” Then the officer asked him which country he wanted the visa for, the actor replied, “190 countries.” The actor playing the officer here bluntly says, “Impossible!”

Unfazed, SRK says he has impacted every region of the globe. He makes jokes about how every third person in London has the name Raj because of how well-known his character is. “This is the new British-Raj,” proclaims King Khan. In addition, SRK extends love to BTS, the wildly successful Korean boy band, saying that his films are the reason why South Koreans have learned to love. Additionally, he posts “headlines” indicating that the Statue of Liberty has started to mimic the famous pose of Shah Rukh Khan.

After trying hard to convince the officer, his application is not accepted. SRK then quips, “Lagta hai aap logo ke ghar Dunki maar ke ana padega.” For context, “Dunki” refers to the donkey route, an illegal way for people to migrate to other nations.