Sunny Deol Accused By Film Producer Sourav Gupta Of Deceit and Forgery

Sunny Deol Accused By Film Producer Sourav Gupta Of Deceit and Forgery

Sunny Deol Accused By Film Producer Sourav Gupta Of Deceit and Forgery

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Producer Sourav Gupta has accused actor Sunny Deol of lying and falsification. He claimed to have offered Deol a signing bonus of Rs 1 crore. Rather than launching his movie, he opted to focus on “Poster Boys.”

1 June 2024

By Khushi Maheshwari

Actor Sunny Deol has been accused of cheating and fraud by film producer Sourav Gupta, owner of Sundwan Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Gupta claimed that the star had defrauded him of a substantial sum of money. The real estate developer claims that in 2016, he approached Deol about doing a film and even gave him advance money.

In an interview with a national newspaper, Gupta revealed that Sunny Deol repeatedly postponed the movie, even accepting payment for it, but never actually began production. He revealed that the film had been continually delayed by Deol, and money had been taken for it without any commencement of work. He mentioned that a signing amount of Rs 1 crore had been paid to Deol, but instead of initiating their film, Deol opted to work on Poster Boys (2017). 

It was further stated that more than Rs 2.55 crore had been paid to him, and alterations to the script and director had been made at his insistence. Additionally, studios were booked for the commencement of shooting, but all efforts were futile. It was expressed that they had been deceived by him and his team.

Furthermore, it was added by Gupta that the previous year, an agreement had been forged by Deol to unlawfully extract more money. It was observed that although the signing amount had been agreed upon as Rs 4 crore, the agreement stated Rs 8 crore, with an additional Rs 2 crore designated for profit-sharing. Upon raising these discrepancies, no response was received from his team. Despite sending a notice, it was communicated by Deol’s team that he was not in the country. 

The producer expressed his hope for justice following the entirety of the incident. He broke down in the chat and revealed that Sunny Deol is an MP in addition to being a well-known actor. 

“When I went ahead to file a complaint, no one was ready to believe it. No one is ready to support us,” he said.

There has been no response from Sunny Deol’s team as of yet.