Supriya Sule’s Excitement Soars As She Experiences Paramotoring Thrill Over Jejuri Fort in Pune

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Supriya Sule's Excitement Soars As She Experiences Paramotoring Thrill Over Jejuri Fort in Pune

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By: Pune Pulse

November 23, 2023

Pune: NCP MP Supriya Sule enjoyed the adventure sport of paramotoring in Jejuri. After sitting in it and flying, she experienced the panoramic view of Jejuri Fort from about 1000 feet. Sule expressed his happiness about this thrilling experience.

As per further information from the X handle of NCP MP Supriya Sule, ‘To promote tourism in Jejuri in our Baramati Lok Sabha constituency, a paramotoring activity has been started in Jejuri. Enjoyed motor flying by visiting this place. On this occasion, Director of Motor Flying Colonel Prashant Kakade and his family, Purandar Taluka NCP President Manik Zende Patil, Purandar Youth President Pushkaraj Jadhav, Jaideep Barbhai along with NCP office bearers were present. Ventured into the skies of Jejuri through Paramotoring – what a thrilling experience! Grateful for Colonel Prashant Kakade’s guidance and company throughout the adventure.’

Sule saw Jejuri Fort from the sky. Through the Flying Rhino Paramotoring Academy at Jejuri, she enjoyed a view of the Jejuri Fort from a height of about 800 to 1000 feet.

 Sule has expressed her satisfaction about this special ride and she also said that this unique technology experiment in such a famous tourist place gave great pleasure. She enjoyed this thrilling game for about ten minutes.

What is Paramotoring?

Paramotoring is a type of adventure sport. It has a paragliding-like cell at the back and seating for two at the front. This machine is equipped with two motors. One can take a walk through the sky with the help of paramotoring just like paragliding. Since a motor is used in this, it is called paramotoring.

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