Taljai Bacchao Abhiyaan – Citizens conduct survey on the hills

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Renuka Suryavanshi 

Citizens of Pune are conducting a survey on the Taljai Hills to understand the Biodiversity of the area in view of the recent development which is proposed on the hills.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Ketaki Sathe Kulkarni, who is conducting the survey said, “This study will be conducted for the next two months. Even though it will be a rapid survey it will be conducted and compiled in a very systematic manner. This study will not only help us to understand the flora (plant diversity) and fauna (birds, butterflies, insects, reptiles, etc) but also it’s association with each other and the surroundings.”

Students from Ferguson college environmental science are participating in this survey. A group of botanists, few from Sahakar nagar area and other parts of Pune have volunteered for the survey.  

The survey is being organized by Sahakarnagar Citizen’s Forum and supported by Environmental Club of India (ECI), which will be giving certificates to the students for their contribution in this project. 
Giving details about the aim of this study, Ketaki said, “This study will give us a baseline data which also will help us understand what we will be losing if this park comes up. We all need to understand the local ecology and work accordingly. Slightest change in the environment will impact majorly on the flora and fauna of the area. ” 

Flora experts who have helped in the survey are Jyotsna Choudhary, Sarika Gidde and Preetam Tulshibaugwale. 

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