Teachers training programme launched

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SVSPM’s, Gayatri English Medium School and Junior College launched ‘Gayatri Teacher Training Institute in association with Montessori Teacher Training Board, Pune. The teacher training programme is launched under the expert leadership of Vinayakrao Bhongale, President and Kavita Bhongale Kadu Patil, Managing Director. The launch was done in the presence of Sarita Vikhe Patil, Managing Director, Anjali Bhagwat, CEO and Principals. 

The teacher training is spearheaded by Kajal Chhatija, Executive Director and coordinated by Rajkumari Agarwal.
Recently grand launch of the Gayatri Teacher Training Institute was organised through providing 9 sessions by some stalwarts in education and more than 500 teachers benefited and upskilled themselves

Swarnima Sharma, Mentor, On My Own Technology, spearheaded by founders, Shekhar Jain, conducted a mesmerizing session for teachers on scratch programme. A live demonstration was conducted in which all the teachers participated and learned to make their moving creature using structured steps and through applying coding in it.

Shiney Bangare from Furtados School of Music, spearheaded by Dharini Upadhyaya and Tanuja Gomes, conducted a session for teachers to use the Music while teaching rhyme and poetry. She explained, music exposes children to rhyme, rhythm, and repetition, which are some of the skills needed to learn to read. Because poetry has cadence, rhythm, and rhyme, music may be used to complement it. She concluded the session by conducting an interesting activity based on creating music out of utensils and many other articles available in the kitchen.
So the music in a child’s life is considered as William Shakespeare’s quote states ‘If music be the food of love, play on.’

Indu Punj, Founder, Stories Matter, narrated value based stories. She explained the importance of diction, voice modulation and even creating a right kind of background to support the story and it aids in students’ imagination skills. She enforced that reading a  book is always better than watching a movie.
She showcased her value based picture cards to build up one’s own story.

Jayaprabha Rajesh, Founder – Gems’n’Pearls, Director -HelenO’Grady International Creative Education Academy Pimpri Chinchwad, conducted a very enjoyable and interactive for teachers to excel in classroom communication skills. She shared many online class routines to capture students attention and conducted some engaging online activities. She empowered teachers through lively approach and acknowledged everyone by their names in the class.

Sravanth Theverakonda Ramani, Founder & Artistic Director and Vasanth Ballraj – Managing director- Mactrics Performing arts, conducted a very interesting hands-on session on puppet Making for the teachers. In just one hour’s session, teachers learned to make their animal puppets and tried the skill of narrating a story using the puppet and producing animal sounds.

Dr. Sreeson Gopinath, Founder, Veda Handwriting Lab, shared his expertise with teachers. He quoted, ‘There is no good or bad handwriting, but it is always trained or untrained handwriting. He stated, we as teachers must learn the technique of writing to transfer the same in our students. Teachers tried their hand and enthusiastically participated in the live demonstration of handwriting techniques.

Sreedevi Pillai, Co-Founder, La Liberta, taught the art of doodling for using expressions in the classrooms. Teachers participated in the step-by-step doodle design making activity and witnessed a beautiful design on their A-4 sheets in no time.

Gowri Priya Sethuram, Managing Partner, Indian Shades Art Management handled 300 teachers in a zoom room and shared a rare skill of narrating a story using music, art, dance and drama. She demonstrated and narrated a short story by using bharatanatyam mudras. The session was very interactive, Kajal Chhatija, Executive Director, shared various examples to link art with different subjects as per CBSE – Art Integration Project under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.

Anjali Bapat, Coordinator, Heartfulness Institute took all the teachers in the spiritual world and brought everyone’s attention on Heart Centered Education. She shared a very different perspective by bringing students awareness through emotional, physical, intellectual and social development. She shared a moral based story of Hare and rabbit and how at the end they became friends and helped everyone in the jungle. The moral was to handle kids with love, care and affection.

The teacher joined from the different parts of the world and thanked Gayatri School Management for organizing such skillful and knowledgeable sessions.

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