This Saturday participate in Earth Hour, a global call to turn off lights for environment conservation

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Earth Hour is an environmental movement initiated by the World Wildlife Fund to promote ecological awareness and action. This year, it is scheduled for 25 March from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. 

Initially starting out as a ‘Lights Out’ project in 2007 in Sydney, the movement has grown out to be much more than simply turning off all electrical appliances for an hour. On the first Earth Hour, more than 2.2 million people turned out their lights for an hour on 31st March 2007. 

Now, WWF encourages you to do absolutely anything possible at your hand during this hour to help Mother Earth- be it planting trees, cleaning rivers, disposing of garbage, etc. India joined the Earth Hour movement in 2009. And around sixty major cities of the country have participated in this action which has been received with much enthusiasm and regard. This year, WWF India is hosting a Pedal for Planet across twelve cities in India to promote sustainable and environmentally-friendly living. 

The main goal is to learn more about how to maintain a lifestyle that conserves the least amount of resources possible in order to conserve a healthy earth for future generations. Join this wonderful movement by making a pledge to Mother Earth. 

Commit to the action by doing whatever is possible for the betterment of the Earth- be it simply turning off all the lights and other electrical appliances in your house for an hour or getting out of the house and getting your hands dirty by planting trees or cleaning local garbage. 

Go ahead and sign up for the movement on WWF’s official site

Shriya Simran Pradhan