Tips to detox your body after Diwali ; Read to know more

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By: Pune Pulse

November 21, 2023

Pune: Diwali is the most delightful festival in the world. It’s a time when one is tempted to indulge in various sweets, snacks and drinks. However, this can disrupt one’s healthy diet plan and harm one’s health. Diwali is also associated with late nights, binge eating, increased pollution, and changing weather, which can take a toll on our bodies and minds.

As a result, we may experience tired and puffy eyes, weight gain, dehydrated skin and bad hair days. These are all signs that it’s time to detox after Diwali.

For individuals who prioritize their health, it becomes quite challenging to adhere to their diet and monitor their calorie consumption. Consequently, the primary objective following Diwali is to shed the additional pounds that have been acquired.

As a result, individuals begin scouring the internet for answers to inquiries such as how to detox or lose weight after Diwali, or which diet plan should be adopted post-Diwali, among others.

Here are some healthy ways to detox and lose weight after the festivities:

Incorporate green tea into your diet instead of consuming soft or hard drinks. Green tea has numerous health benefits, including aiding in weight loss by increasing fat oxidation and eliminating excess water from the body. It also helps to detoxify your body from toxins. If you prefer tea, consider adding spices like ginger, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon to it. These spices are known to aid in digestion, reduce inflammation, and induce relaxation, calming the nerves.

Ensure that you maintain proper hydration levels. Consume ample amounts of water and/or lemon-infused warm water every morning, as this aids in eliminating toxins from your body. Always prioritize the intake of fluids over solid foods to effectively detoxify your system.

A simple yet effective solution is to modify your breakfast routine, which is considered the most crucial meal of the day. Reduce your carbohydrate intake and opt for protein-rich foods such as eggs, soymilk, and other low-fat dairy products. Add some low-calorie fruits to your breakfast to make it more wholesome. This healthy breakfast habit will not only aid in post-Diwali weight loss but also help you maintain a healthy weight in the long run.

Including green leafy vegetables in your diet can do wonders for your skin. These veggies are rich in Vitamin A, which can help rejuvenate your skin. Kale is a great option as it contains high levels of Vitamin C and Vitamin K, which can protect your skin from free radical damage and promote tissue repair for a radiant complexion. To maintain a healthy metabolism, try eating smaller, nutritious meals throughout the day.

Indulging in sweets during Diwali is inevitable. However, after completing a detox plan, it is crucial to monitor the fat and sugar levels in your diet. If you cannot resist the urge to consume sweets, it is advisable to choose low-sugar or sugar-free mithai.

During the festive season of Diwali, it is common for our homes to be filled with an abundance of junk food. Whether it is leftovers from parties or gifts from loved ones, it is important to take the initiative to declutter our kitchen closets and eliminate all unhealthy items. Additionally, it is advisable to create a well-structured grocery list consisting of nutritious foods and devise a Diwali detox diet plan. Make sure to stock up on an ample supply of low-calorie foods, fruits, and wholesome snacks to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It is advisable to avoid sleeping at irregular hours. During Diwali, the sleep schedule often becomes disrupted. Sleeping at odd times can negatively impact the body’s metabolism, resulting in slower digestion and absorption processes, as well as feelings of lethargy and acidity. Additionally, when these processes slow down, the body tends to store nutrients instead of utilizing them, which can contribute to weight gain. Therefore, it is important to establish a regular sleep routine and ensure that you sleep on time after Diwali. It is also crucial to avoid sleeping immediately after eating, as this can lead to a slower secretion of digestive enzymes by the stomach and intestine, ultimately causing a decrease in basal metabolic rate (BMR) and potential weight gain.

To effectively lose the weight gained during the Diwali phase, it is important to not only control your diet but also engage in physical activity. While there are various diet plans to choose from, incorporating physical activity is crucial for optimal results. Walking is an excellent option for individuals with busy schedules. Additionally, swimming, dancing, or joining yoga classes are alternative activities that can help you shed those extra pounds gained during Diwali.

Following the conclusion of the Diwali festivities, it is now essential to embark on a detoxification process to rid oneself of excessive food consumption and physical strain. In addition to adopting a wholesome lifestyle, individuals can also find solace in activities such as visiting a spa, strolling through a park, or indulging in music.

It is crucial to bear in mind that engaging in some form of physical exercise and adhering to a well-managed diet are pivotal in shedding the weight gained during the post-Diwali period. By adhering to the aforementioned guidelines, one can effectively lose weight in a healthy manner and commence the new year on a note of improved well-being.