Tourists Flock to Dehradun’s Robbers Cave Amid North India’s Heat Wave

Tourists Flock to Dehradun's Robbers Cave Amid North India's Heat Wave

Tourists crowd Guchhupani Cave, also known as Robbers Cave, in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

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Last week’s soaring temperatures in North India drove many people to the hills and mountains for relief. A video showing a large number of tourists crowding a popular picnic spot in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, has sparked criticism on social media.

The viral video shows tourists flocking to the Gucchupani Cave, also known as Robbers Cave. The video captures men, women, and children walking through the cave in long lines. This cave, believed to have been a hiding spot for robbers during the British Raj, attracts visitors with its cold water river flowing through it.

An Instagram handle, Uttarakhand Wala, shared the video on June 23, commenting, “The viral video from Guchhupani is sparking widespread discussion. The place is buzzing with an enormous crowd.” The video quickly raised safety concerns. One user questioned, “Is the administration sleeping? Allowing such an enormous crowd in an ecologically fragile place like this. Seriously, anything for money. Is that how you promote tourism?” Another commented, “Sad! No check by the administration on this reckless crowd!”

Similar situations have been reported in other tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Videos of traffic jams have circulated on social media. In one notable video from 2023, a man driving a Mahindra Thar SUV through the Chandra River in Lahaul Valley to avoid a traffic jam captured the internet’s attention.