Tragic Incident – Three injured in a mobile explosion

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September 27, 2023

Pune: Three individuals sustained burn injuries after a mobile phone exploded in Uttam Nagar area of Nashik city in Maharashtra. The explosion injured the family members as well as significantly damaged the windows and vehicles.

The injured are identified as Tushar Jagtap, Shobha Pandit Jagtap, and Balkrushna Tulshiram Sutar.

Following the explosion, the injured were promptly hospitalized for medical treatment. Initial information suggests that a nearby perfume bottle may have contributed to the accident by being placed too close to the charging mobile phone. The force of the explosion was significant enough to shatter the windows of the residence and inflict damage on cars parked in the vicinity, according to local authorities.

Authorities have initiated a thorough investigation into the incident to determine its exact cause and circumstances.