Transgender community feel disappointed amidst new rules announced by the Pune Police

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The recent order by Pune Police has sparked concern within the transgender community. Released on April 10, the order prohibits trans individuals from freely moving around the city for ceremonies and rituals without invitation, as well as from gathering at traffic junctions to ask for money. This marks the first time such a directive has been issued in Pune, causing distress among community members.

Many in the transgender community have traditionally relied on ceremonies and blessings for sustenance, as opportunities for education and employment have been limited. Without proper education or job prospects, the sudden imposition of these restrictions leaves them with few alternatives for earning a livelihood.

While the opening of police inspector applications to trans individuals initially seemed like a positive step, the subsequent order has left many feeling shocked and hopeless. The practice of begging on the streets has been a historical necessity for survival, as societal stigma and prejudice often leave trans people with few options.

Despite facing discrimination and rejection from their families, trans individuals in Pune continue to struggle for basic rights, including access to education, housing, and employment. The challenges they face in building stable livelihoods highlight the urgent need for greater support and inclusion within society.

With an estimated 1 lakh trans people in Maharashtra, it’s clear that targeting the entire community based on the actions of a few is unjustifiable. Instead, efforts should focus on addressing the systemic barriers that prevent trans individuals from fully participating in society and accessing opportunities for economic stability.