Transgender Community Expresses Concern Over Pune Police Order

Transgender Community Expresses Concern Over Pune Police Order

Transgender Community Expresses Concern Over Pune Police Order ( Representational image )

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Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar’s recent directive, prohibiting transgender individuals from gathering at traffic junctions and soliciting money from commuters, has sparked criticism from members of the transgender community.

A transgender representing an NGO expressed disappointment, stating, “Before issuing the order, Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar should have conducted proper research and provided us with alternative options for our survival.”

He pointed out the CCTV cameras present at traffic signals and suggested that instead of imposing a blanket ban on the entire community, action should be taken against individuals involved in extortion. She emphasised the need to address other crimes affecting the city and proposed the creation of pension schemes and shelters for transgender individuals.

Another transgender individual, emphasised the challenges faced by the community, stating, “Government schemes for our community exist only on paper and are not implemented. If begging is banned, prostitution becomes the only option for survival.”

He pointed out the necessity of their work at traffic signals, mentioning the prevalence of corruption among police officers and politicians who accept bribes to allow them to operate. She stressed the importance of considering the community’s circumstances before implementing such orders.

A member of Family Planning, expressed concern that the decision would force transgender individuals into prostitution due to difficulties in finding regular jobs.

Another transgender individual, urged for job opportunities and housing before enforcing such directives. She highlighted the community’s contributions during the pandemic and in supporting women during marriages, emphasizing the need for communication with community representatives before making decisions affecting them.