Tree walk in Empress Botanical Garden provides awareness on rare trees 

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Pune is known for its unique initiatives. The Oxford of the East, we have ample historic and tourist places to see which are historically as well as strategically important. Pune is known for its food walk, heritage walk. A unqiue was held last weekend where Puneites and nature lovers had a chance to see and understand the importance and history behind these centure old trees. A tree walk was held in the city which gave very detailed insights about the trees. 

A Tree Walk was conducted by Rupa Rahul Environment Empress Botanical Garden On March 19, 2023, The walk started at 7:15 am and lasted till 9 am. A total of 26 participants attended the workshop. Each participant paid a fee of Rs. 50 to attend the workshop.

The walk began from the parking area of Empress Botanical Garden and went on to observe 15-20 species of trees. Participants got to observe trees like Militia tree, Mahua tree, White Shirish, Banyan tree, Fish-tailed palm, and more. Kedar explained the importance of each tree and helped participants identify them using fallen flowers, fruits, and seeds.

One of the highlights of the walk was observing the remarkable seed dispersal method of the Mahogany tree. Kedar Champhekar beautifully explained how the tree spreads its seeds.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience for the participants to observe different species of trees in the morning across Empress Garden premises. The tree walk concluded around 9 am.

The workshop was organized by the RRBCEA team and received positive feedback from the participants. Such walks help create awareness about the importance of trees and their role in our ecosystem.

The Botanical Garden recently added a QR codes system on the trees which gives information about the trees when the QR code is scanned in a mobile phone. 

Nividita Kelapure