Two school friends reunite after 15 years through LinkedIn

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By: Pune Pulse

August 9, 2023

Pune: Social media is an excellent way to reconnect with friends from your past or even discover people you were friends with as a kid. It has become a ray of hope for those wanting to find their long-lost friends or relatives. Something similar took place in the lives of two childhood friends who lost contact with each other 15 years ago. The woman identified as Vedika Sangle took to X (formerly Twitter) to speak about the heartwarming incident to describe how she reconnected with her childhood best friend on the job-searching platform LinkedIn.

Sangle posted a screenshot of the LinkedIn discussion she had with her long-lost best friend Barnali on X. In the screenshot,  Sangle confirmed the identity of her friend by posting a childhood photograph of the two. Sharing a picture of two schoolgirls in uniform sitting in a classroom, Sangle wrote, I just had to ask you one question if the girl on the right was her. Barnali was ecstatic to reconnect with her childhood friend and couldn’t believe she was there. Sangle said on X, “After 15 years, LinkedIn reunited me with my childhood best friend.”

The post had gone viral on social media with it gathering 431.1k likes since it was shared. The netizens loved the reunion and recalled the stories of their childhood friends. Some also called the pair lucky for being able to find each other after so long.  

“Happy ending,” one user wrote. We can communicate with individuals in the modern era, but it is limited. I’m hoping it’s different with you,” said a separate commenter. 

Sangle replied, “It’s absolutely not the case with me. Our friendship is still the same, and our vibe has also not changed over the years.” 

“Most wholesome thing I have seen all week,” another user posted. “

Madhupriya Dhanwate