Undri residents suspend protest for two months

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The Undri residents’ protest is suspended for two months.

The Undri Village Citizens Action Committee on the nineth day of the protest against Pune Municipal Corporation’s unjustified taxes suspended their protest for two months after Member of Parliament Baramati constituency Supriya Sule met the protestors and also spoke to the Commissioner Vikram Kumar of Pune Municipal Corporation. The protestors earlier met former minister for water development Vijay Shivatre assured them to resolve their issues.

Shivtare on December 25 met the protestors and assured them to resolve their issues on uniformity of taxes, resolving the PDf issue of property holders and comparing the ready reckoner rate of Undri to the partially merged Undri in 1997 instead of NIBM.

Supriya Sule also spoke to Vikram Kumar at length about the various tax related issues of Undri as well as nearby villages. It was then agreed that the civic body needs to study the matter on how it could be resolved and also put up to the state government accordingly.

Earlier in mid December Shivtare alongwith the representatives of newly merged villages had met the Commissioner and other department officials on varioissued of merged villages, mainly focusing on water and tax. Commissioner upon request of Shivtare agreed to set up a committee to resolve tax related issues. The PMC officials have now formed a committee which will resolve the tax related issues on every Tuesday and Thursday at PMC headquarters between 11 am and 2 pm.

Sachin Ghule, former Deputy leader of house said, “Our demand of setting up a tax office in Undri grampanchayat has been met by Shivtare. Other tax related issues will also be resolved by the officials as per commitment made by Vijay Shivtare. Supriya Sule also spoke to Commissionerand we have agreed to wait for two months during which PMC studies on our issues and brings sokution. If they dont bring solution we shall continue our strike.”

PMC Tax Office In Undri now

The officials will now sit in Undri gram Panchayat office on every Tuesday and Friday between 11 AM and 1 PM.

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Swati Takle, former member, Pune Zilla Parishad said that Shivatre assured us to resolve our demands. And as per his suggestions we will soon be forming a committee which will work on technical details on how we can justify the improper tax charges being imposed on us and many other issues.”

Vijay Shivtare while speaking at the Undri protest venue said that protests should follow with very good study on the calculations on how much are the expenses incurred, the rateable value of the area and the comparison on which it is charged. It is the duty of the citizens to study the composition of tax charges they won’t be able to justify their injustice on technical grounds.

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