Undri Residents Voice Concerns Over Deteriorating Road Conditions

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September 25, 2023

Pune: The residents of Undri have frequently experienced distress as a result of the appalling state of the road. The road in front of Orchid International School, Undri, has been plagued by numerous potholes, rendering it dangerous for driving and posing a threat to commuters. Consequently, genuine concern has arisen among the local population.

While talking to Pune Pulse, Pravinkumar Gunjal expressed, “Orchid International School Road is my regular route for commuting. The presence of large potholes on the road for nearly a year now has caused immense suffering for school children as well as the general public. Given the congested nature of this road and the resulting daily traffic jams, thousands of residents and students are adversely affected. I humbly request the administration to promptly repair the road. This is particularly crucial for the Sangam maternity hospital and the adjacent multi-specialist hospital, as it impacts the safety of children, maternity patients, and patients accessing these facilities.”

Another resident, Ram Sakpal, added, “I utilize Orchid International School Road on a daily basis to commute to my workplace. Unfortunately, due to the deplorable condition of the road, I have personally experienced an accident resulting in injuries. Additionally, I have witnessed several other vehicle accidents on the same road. It is incredibly frustrating to be stuck in traffic, and I am genuinely concerned about the safety of school children and students. This road is also frequented by heavy vehicles, and just a few minutes away, there is a dangerous slope that often leads to accidents. I sincerely urge the corporation to prioritize the repair of this road.”

Another resident, Ali Khan, added, “The condition of Orchid International School Road and Undri Road has been extremely poor for the past year. The constant influx of school buses on this road, combined with its deteriorated state, consistently leads to traffic congestion.”

While talking to Pune Pulse, Sahebrao Dhandge, Superintendent Engineer, PMC, added, ”After the respite of heavy rainfall in city potholes will repaired on the road.”

Madhupriya Dhanwate