Vadgaon Sheri Residents Demand Urgent Resolution as Online Complaints Linger Unresolved

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A recent survey conducted on Twitter reveals how many citizens’ complaints have piled up and have not been resolved till date by Pune Municipal Corporation. Thus it is crucial to address the pressing issues that have arisen due to the municipality’s inefficiency.

The survey was conducted by the residents of Vadgaon Sheri online. 

First and foremost,the deteriorating state of the city’s infrastructure is a matter of grave concern. 

1) Roads :

Roads are riddled with potholes, causing inconvenience and posing a significant threat to the safety of commuters. The PMC’s failure to prioritize infrastructure development is adversely affecting the overall quality of life for residents. Soon when the monsoon approaches the troubles will get worse as water clogging issues will occur.

2) Garbage :

Additionally, the mismanagement of waste and sanitation services has reached alarming levels. Pune, once hailed as one of the cleanest cities, now suffers from the accumulation of garbage in various localities. The negligence of PMC in implementing effective waste management strategies is not only detrimental to the environment but also poses health risks to the citizens. The absence of a comprehensive waste management plan reflects poorly on the municipality’s commitment to maintaining a clean and sustainable city. There have been various cases of garbage burning reported across Pune City but again no action causing air pollution.

3) Water Shortage : 
Furthermore, the inadequate provision of basic amenities, such as water is a matter of great concern. Residents have been facing frequent water shortages, and have become a regular occurrence. The PMC’s inability to ensure a steady and reliable supply of essential resources is indicative of its inability to meet the growing needs of the population. Wagholi,Hadapsar, Kondhwa, Baner, Keshav Nagar, Mundhwa and many more have been experiencing water shortages.

Moreover, the lack of transparency and accountability in PMC’s operations is deeply troubling. Most of the complaints lodged on PMC portals online are just closed without addressing issues. The absence of a transparent system not only hampers citizen participation but also fuels skepticism and mistrust among the residents.

4) Illegal Hawkers/ Encroachment on footpaths : 

Illegal hawking has become a pervasive problem in various parts of the city, causing numerous issues such as overcrowding, traffic congestion, hygiene concerns, and obstruction of pedestrian pathways. This unauthorized and unregulated presence of hawkers not only disrupts the city’s aesthetics but also poses a significant risk to public safety.

Residents have made countless attempts to bring this matter to the attention of the PMC, providing specific locations and evidence of the unauthorized hawking activities. However, the PMC’s response, or lack thereof, has been disappointing and disheartening. Despite assurances of prompt action, no visible steps have been taken to curb this problem and restore order to our streets.

5) License issued to business without parking space :

It has come to our notice that the Project Management Consultant (PMC) responsible for our city has been allotting licenses to numerous businesses without ensuring the provision of adequate parking facilities.

The lack of parking spaces in commercial areas has become a pressing issue, leading to chaotic traffic, increased congestion, and significant inconvenience for both residents and visitors. The reckless licensing of businesses without proper consideration for parking requirements has resulted in the streets being flooded with parked vehicles, making it increasingly difficult for motorists to find parking spaces.

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