Vehicles parked in front of housing societies in Wakad irks residents

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Residents of Wakad complain that vehicles are parked on the road in front of Shonest Towers and Ganesh Imperia housing societies.

Wakad is the most sought after suburb for many IT professionals as well as those working in the MIDC area. But the area is gaining negative popularity due to haphazard parking, lack of wide roads, no action against wrongly parked vehicles, encroachments which is making the life of the residents miserable.

In most of the area, the motorists do not even follow P1 and P2 parking norms while school and other private vehicles are parked on the main road, raising security concerns as well as adding to congestion on the road.
Santosh Kulkarni, a resident of Shonest Towers, Wakad said, “All kinds of vehicles are parked on the side of footpaths and because of these vehicles, many people do not use footpaths and walk on the roads, blocking traffic and risking an accident. The area has not been earmarked for parking, but this is not acceptable as it is causing inconvenience for residents.”

“We will take immediate action on this matter. Will inform the PI in the area to take action against those who have parked vehicles there,” said Satish Mane, Assistant Police Commissioner of Traffic Department.

Dattatray Deshmukh, President of the PCHSF, said, “Residents at several places are complaining about it to the traffic department. We have demanded that if PCMC announces parking zones as P1 and P2 most of the problems will be solved and vehicles will not be parked in the wrong manner on roads.”

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