Video of Model Posing as Live Mannequin at Dubai Mall Draws Mixed Reactions

Video of Model Posing as Live Mannequin at Dubai Mall Draws Mixed Reactions

Video of Model Posing as Live Mannequin at Dubai Mall Draws Mixed Reactions

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Unconventional Marketing Stunt at Dubai Mall Sparks Controversy

A video showcasing a model posing alongside mannequins at a Dubai mall has stirred up discussions online. The viral video highlighted a unique marketing approach by a clothing brand at Dubai Festival City Mall.ย 

The incident unfolded at the Manto Bride store and gained widespread attention after the model, identified as Angelina, shared the footage on social media. Her presence on a platform typically occupied by mannequins, dressed in the brandโ€™s bodycon dress and stiletto heels, captured attention. She drew considerable interest due to her lifelike movements and striking resemblance to the static figures.

The video, initially posted on Instagram, quickly went viral, eliciting a range of reactions from viewers. While some praised the creativity and effectiveness of the marketing strategy, others expressed criticism over the unconventional method. 

One social media user defended the model, likening her role to that of a professional model showcasing garments, emphasizing that such tactics are not uncommon in boosting store visibility and customer engagement.

Despite the mixed reception, the incident underscores evolving trends in retail marketing and the impact of social media in amplifying such unconventional approaches. 

One user remarked, โ€œSomeone has a lot of money for marketing,โ€ while another chimed in with, โ€œ Next level marketing is a nice one.โ€

A dissenting voice wrote, โ€œVery downgrading and tasteless. Iโ€™m already feeling embarrassed just looking at this.โ€

Another commented, โ€œModern Slavery in my opinion !! They could use something more creative like a hologram with changing clothes on a virtual model instead of this embarrassment.โ€

A user bluntly stated, โ€œThis makes me NOT want to buy anything from that store.โ€

Another added, โ€œSlavery at its best! Imagine standing there with heels on for long hours!! Thatโ€™s crazy!

Someone quipped, โ€œWhen AI takes over we humans may need to do such things in future to get paid,โ€ 

while another added, โ€œSo Robots are taking away jobs of Humans and Now Humans taking the place of Mannequins.โ€

The debate continues among netizens, reflecting varied perspectives on the boundaries between traditional display techniques. It highlights innovative promotional strategies in retail environments.