Viman Nagar residents draw Pune Municipal Corporation’s attention on encroachments on footpaths

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Viman Nagar’s Datta Mandir and Shree Krishna Hotel chowk areas have become spots of concern for the residents due to encroachments on the footpaths by food and vegetable vendors.  Broken tiles, paver blocks and parking by two wheelers add to the trouble.  

These encroachments cause inconvenience to residents and so, they are demanding immediate attention from the Pune Municipal Corporation. 

Sandeep Naik, a resident said, “Many IT companies are setting up shop  in Viman nagar. This has increased the number of people illegally parking their vehicles in undesignated areas. As Datta Mandir chowk is the central hub of Viman Nagar, it is filled with various shops and businesses. Due to stalls and hawkers on the footpath. It is difficult for visitors to walk efficiently around the area. They have to use the road for walking, struggling between traffic.”

According to Naik, most illegal parking is done by the Viman nagar residents, who visit these stalls on the footpaths. 

Several commercial complexes have come up in the area and many new ones are on the verge of being opened. This will lead to more traffic and encroachments in the area. Major areas of concern are Datta Mandir chowk and Hotel Shree Krishna chowk, he said. 

The traffic issue around Datta Mandir Chowk is also caused by a private school as vehicles drop and pick up students, multiplying the trouble. 
Shivani N, a resident of Konark Nagar spoke about the increasing crowds due to several hawkers and food stalls on the lane outside her society. “They cause a lot of noise and traffic jams. These shops stay open till midnight and it is difficult for the residents to deal with the loud noise created by them,” she said. 

Anil Pardedshi, inspector, anti-encroachment cell, Nagar road ward office assured that action will be taken against the vendors encroaching on the footpath and causing inconvenience to the residents. 

Adeeba Rehman 

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