Viman Nagar residents troubled by unauthorized shopkeepers & hawkers. Check details. 

Viman Nagar residents troubled by unauthorized shopkeepers & hawkers. Check details.

Viman Nagar residents troubled by unauthorized shopkeepers & hawkers. Check details.

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By: Pune Pulse

November 2, 2023

Pune: Residents of Neco NX Society & others in Viman Nagar are in distress as several unauthorized hawkers, vendors, shopkeepers, etc keep installing their businesses every day on footpaths & roads, making it difficult for people to walk on the footpaths.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Ajaykumar Rao, Resident of Neco NX Society, Viman Nagar said, “The road next to Neco NX in Viman Nagar is used for urination. Shopkeepers & hawkers operate without any proper license. People find it difficult to live in their houses due to the foul odour. Along with this, people find it difficult to walk on the footpaths due to shopkeepers installing their businesses. Many complaints have been made to the PMC about these issues but no action is taken against these shopkeepers & hawkers.”

Raja Subramani, a resident of Viman Nagar said, “When complaints are made to the PMC, they say that these are licensed vendors. Hence, the space is not encroached as such. When you go towards Phoenix Mall from there, the same issue is there where people have to walk on the street. All such nonsense keeps going on.”

Rajeev Pathria, a resident of Viman Nagar said, “There are so many hawkers in a lot of areas in Viman Nagar like Datta Mandir, Konark Nagar, and many more. Every evening, around 5 p.m., several hawkers are present who encroach on the space. Hawkers are a very big issue. There are so many hawkers outside Neco NX Society.”

Arjun Jagtap, President, of Viman Nagar Residents’ Association said, “We have told all the relevant departments of PMC like the road department, encroachment department, etc regarding illegal hawkers in Viman Nagar. We have also sent notice to the PMC encroachment department regarding the issue. Neco Garden & Neco NX, both societies, apart from illegal hawkers issue, a lot of other nuisance activities happen like alcohol consumption, open urination, etc. Hence, we have requested the PMC road department & encroachment department regarding this.”

Somnath Bankar, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, Nagar Road Vadgaon Sheri PMC Ward Office said, “Every day, appropriate action is taken against the illegal hawkers & vendors in the area of Neco NX. The hawkers which are present are authorized & have a license.”

Bhimaji Shinde, PMC Encroachment Officer, Vadgaon Sheri said, “Any illegal stalls, businesses, etc found are picked up every day & fines are issued against the hawkers, and shopkeepers running them. This activity happens regularly in Viman Nagar.”

Shreyas Vange