Pune Sees Increase in Artificial Lights on Trees

Pune Sees Increase in Artificial Lights on Trees

Pune Sees Increase in Artificial Lights on Trees

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As Diwali approaches, businesses in the city such as stores, cafes, restaurants, malls, and street vendors are utilizing artificial lighting more and more to entice customers. Frequently, these lights are wrapped around trees or other plants on the property, which can inadvertently harm the surrounding flora as well as wildlife.

These establishments are unaware that the artificial light pollution they cause not only interferes with the processes of pollination and photosynthesis in trees and plants, but also with the lives of the animals that live nearby and the birds that build their nests.

Many businesses in the city light trees to draw customers, but a survey found that the artificial lights have an adverse effect on the health of the greenery.

An employee of an NGO stated that in order to raise awareness among shopkeepers, café owners, and restaurant managers, they have started a sensitization program. About fifteen store owners from the Kothrud area have already received notices to remove lights and advertisements from their trees as part of the drive. Following notice, they conduct a follow-up investigation into the shopkeepers’ work, and if there is non-compliance, PMC officials take the necessary action.

According to a PMC official, even though there isn’t a specific law protecting trees from artificial lights, encroachment laws allow for action against such lights because they may stunt the growth of trees. Nevertheless, these measures are being implemented at the ward level, and information regarding the precise number of complaints that have been filed up to this point has not been centralized.

Shreyas Vange

(Source – HT)