Viral Tilting Car: Electric Three-Wheeler Captivates Mumbai Roads

Viral Tilting Car: Electric Three-Wheeler Captivates Mumbai Roads

Viral Tilting Car: Electric Three-Wheeler Captivates Mumbai Roads

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The Danish-designed vehicle turned heads with a Batmobile-like appearance and innovative tilting mechanism.

In a city known for its diverse traffic, a unique and sophisticated three-wheeler has become a recent spectacle on the roads of Mumbai, catching the attention of passersby. The vehicle, resembling a Batmobile to some and deemed an expensive electric rickshaw by others, has sparked curiosity and discussions, with videos of it circulating on social media platforms.

One observant social media user took it upon himself to unravel the mystery surrounding the distinctive vehicle. Posting on X, he identified the machine as Lynx Lean Electric, a creation of Lynx Cars, a Danish company. Priced at €35,000, approximately ₹31,00,000, excluding import costs, the Lynx Lean Electric stands out as a two-seater, three-wheeled tilting vehicle.

In a video shared on social media, the Lynx Lean Electric is seen waiting at a traffic signal among conventional vehicles. When the light turns green, the driver maneuvers the three-wheeler into a sharp U-turn, showcasing its unique tilting feature as it leans on the turning side with remarkable ease.

Designed to combine the “exciting agility of a motorcycle with the comfort and safety of a car,” according to Lynx Cars, the Lynx Lean Electric offers an innovative driving experience. Described as steering like a car but reacting like a motorcycle, or even an airplane, it executes turns by banking when cornering.

Performance features of the Lynx Lean Electric include a top speed of 169 km/h and an impressive acceleration rate of 0 to 100 km/h in just 7 seconds. The vehicle boasts a maximum tilt angle of 45 degrees, providing exceptional maneuverability with a turning circle of only 9.5 meters from curb to curb.

The Lynx Lean Electric is powered by a 12 kWh Lithium Manganese battery pack, offering an 80% cycle life of the original capacity after 2000 full cycles. The electric motor has a nominal power of 40 kW, a maximum power of 75 kW peak, and a maximum torque of 100 Nm.

In ECO mode, the Lynx Lean Electric can cover a driving distance of 150 km using the 12 kWh battery pack alone. Alternatively, in SPEED mode, it maintains its outstanding performance standards while reaching speeds of up to 100 km. The vehicle’s distinctive features and innovative design make it a standout addition to the bustling streets of Mumbai.

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