Viral Video: Girl dances to the tune of Waka Waka in train

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Viral Video: Girl dances to the tune of Waka Waka in train

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December 22, 2023

Thanks to the rise of social media, we now live in a generation where individuals will do just about anything to get attention online. 

Every social media platform’s feed these days is flooded with unconventional content. Influencers have frequently drawn criticism for their strange antics in an attempt to gain attention online, whether it be through calisthenics in crowded train stations or risky stunts performed on moving bikes. 

A girl has joined the league; with her passionate performance, she transformed a train compartment into a dance floor.

As per further information from an X handle of Hasna Zaroori HaiĀ captioned ā€œUncle shocked Didi rocked.ā€

Despite the fact that neither the train’s name nor its location is known, the video went viral online and garnered criticism for the girl for being an annoyance inside a moving train. Inside a sleeper coach, the anonymous girl was seen dancing passionately in the widely shared video. She was dressed in ripped denim and a crop top with an animal print.

The official 2010 FIFA World Cup song, ā€˜Waka Wakaā€™ by Shakira, was being played as the influencer was shaking a leg to the music. The other passenger’s response, who was obviously taken aback by the girl’s abrupt dance performance, was also captured in the video.

After being posted on the microblogging site, X users have viewed the video over 78,000 times, and amusing responses have flooded the comment section.