Viral Video: Mumbai’s Flying Dosawala lmpresses Harsh Goenka

Viral Video: Mumbai’s Flying Dosawala lmpresses Harsh Goenka

Viral Video: Mumbai’s Flying Dosawala lmpresses Harsh Goenka

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Harsh Goenka, chairman of the RPG Group, shares a viral video of a dosa seller with a unique style, garnering widespread admiration online.

Harsh Goenka, chairman of the RPG Group, recently shared a video. The clip features a dosa seller who adds a flair to his routine by literally throwing the dosa into the air after it’s made. Goenka captioned the video with “Whatever you do, do it in style,” a sentiment that resonated with many. 

The video has since gone viral, amassing 95,300 views.

In the video, the dosa seller demonstrates a unique method of preparing and serving dosas. He folds and fries the dosa in seconds, then tosses it to his partner. The partner, who catches it on a plate and promptly serves it to customers. His impressive display of coordination and skill has drawn comparisons to a cricket match.

The post elicited numerous reactions from social media users. 

One user joked, “The one catching the dosa seems to be more talented”.

Others expressed curiosity about how Goenka finds such engaging content. Some even likened the dosawala’s panache to that of Rajnikanth, the legendary Tamil actor known for his dramatic actions in South Indian cinema.

The dosa seller in the video was identified as Muttu Anna. He operates near the Hind Mata temple in the Parel-Dadar area of West Mumbai. His distinctive style has not only brought joy to his customers but has now earned him widespread recognition online.

Harsh Goenka, who describes himself as “a happiness addict,” is known for sharing humorous and relatable life scenarios. Previously, he posted a menu from an overseas restaurant that humorously described Indian dishes. For instance, sambar vada was referred to as “dunked donut delight,” and idli sambar as “dunked rice cake delight,” both of which garnered hilarious reactions from his followers.

Goenka’s posts continue to bring smiles as it highlights the extraordinary in everyday life.