Viral Video: Woman’s dance performance in Mumbai local train; Authorities, Yeh Kya ho raha Hai?

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A video of a young woman dancing to a Bhojpuri song inside a moving local train in Mumbai has sparked outrage on social media. The clip, which garnered 7,000 likes on X (formerly Twitter), shows the woman dancing in a black crop top and skirt, drawing the attention of fellow passengers. 

While such acts may generate social media attention, they also lead to concerns about public nuisance and decorum.

Several users criticized the woman’s actions, deeming them vulgar and inappropriate for a public space like a train. Calls for authorities to maintain decorum and penalize individuals engaging in such activities were prevalent among the comments. 

Users expressed frustration over the increasing trend of such performances in trains and metros, urging action against what they considered vulgar dancing.

The Mumbai Railway Police Commissionerate has taken note of the incident and directed the Central Railway Security Department to investigate and take necessary action. 

This incident echoes a similar viral video from 2023, where a woman confidently performed in a crowded train coach, receiving mixed reactions from viewers. While some praised her confidence and entertainment value, others criticized the act as inappropriate for public transportation.

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