Wagholi residents raise concern over deplorable condition of road

Wagholi residents raise concern over deplorable condition of road

Wagholi residents raise concern over deplorable condition of road - Pune pulse

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By: Pune Pulse

October 9, 2023

Pune: The agitated Wagholi residents gathered in large numbers as nails were seen scattered on roads in large quantities creating fear among the residents. 

The residents are constantly demanding that immediate action be taken against the concerned people in this case. It is worthy to note that the road was repaired on Saturday. As per information, the particular stretch of road is presently a subject of litigation in the High Court. 

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Anil Kumar Mishra, Wagholi Against Corruption Organisation (WACO) President added, ”Potholes on Ivy Estate Road, Wagholi, were repaired yesterday. Later, nails were seen scattered on the road, posing a threat to commuters. Builder, PMRDA/PMC & People’s representatives are entirely responsible for this situation. No one is taking initiative in this case and hence residents are going through this hell like situation on daily basis due to no proper & permanent access road. When Team WACO along with Wagholikars held Virat Jan Andolan2.0 in front of PMC office, it was after that PMC Commissioner in all inclusive meeting told clearly that (while liaising with PMRDA) land acquisition & road construction will be started in September 2023. However nothing significant has been done yet regarding this DP Road. People are meeting with accidents on daily basis. Who is responsible ? Where are our MLA & MP? “, questioned Mishra.

Vinayak Jagtap, a member of the WACO said, ”The current state in Wagholi, where the population exceeds four hundred thousand, is in great distress. The populace is plagued with fear and trepidation, as accidents on the roads are a constant threat to those who venture outside their homes. Women, in particular, are unable to travel due to the hazardous conditions. Certain public officials, including those from Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA), are engaging in political maneuvering about the provision of roads and water. The residents of Wagholi are thus worried about a multitude of challenges.”

Sanjeev Kumar Patil, director, Wagholi Housing Society Association added, ”People are currently encountering difficulties as a result of the lamentable state of the road. The road was repaired yesterday; however, today, nails were observed scattered on the road. The aforementioned section of the road is presently the subject of litigation, for which we have already submitted a public interest litigation in the High Court. Those who are accountable for this action should be penalized.”

Santosh Krishna, director, WHSA stated that the agitation by the residents is about the negligence on the part of the administration which has failed to provide even the basic infrastructure like roads, drainage, water supply and other amenities.

“We have filed a PIL demanding our right to live in which the civic authority, district administration and metropolitan authority are all expected to file their affidavits. Our fight will continue till we get our rights, added Krishna.  

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