WakeUpPunekar movement to solve issues of Pune citizens ?

WakeUpPunekar movement to solve issues of Pune citizens

WakeUpPunekar movement to solve issues of Pune citizens ?

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Former MLA Mohan Joshi said in a press conference that they are starting a people’s movement ‘#WakeUpPunekar’ from Monday, February 5, to know about the issues from the people of Pune and present them to the concerned departments to resolve the problems faced by Punekar. in their daily life.

Joshi clarified that he will also start the campaign ‘#AdaklaiPunekar’ to break traffic jams in Pune. Praveen Kumar Biradar, Prathamesh Abnave, Rohan Suravse Patil, Milind Gawandi etc were present on this occasion.

Mohan Joshi said “Pune has expanded in the last ten years, the population has increased along with the problems of traffic, water supply, health, sanitation, air pollution. What should be the solutions to these problems? Suggestions should be taken from the people. of Pune, it will create awareness among the people of Pune, once the level of public opinion is formed, it will be easier to solve the problem precisely. With such a purpose, we are raising a people’s movement ‘#WakeupPunekar’. NGOs, conscious citizens, experts of various subjects, social activists will participate in it.”

Mohan Joshi further said “We are taking up the issue of traffic faced by the people of Pune on priority. The number of two-wheelers and four-wheelers is increasing in Pune. The use of vehicles is mandatory for going to schools, colleges, offices, hospitals. Parking problem is increasing. Arguments arise over the issue of parking. Drivers have to bear heartache to cover long distances. For these reasons, the issue of traffic has been given importance. Volunteers of ‘#WakeUpPunekar’ will stop at traffic jam spots, traffic signals in all parts of the city and collect questionnaire forms from motorists. Answers to the problem are also expected in this questionnaire. After 15 days the information will be collected on the basis of this form and efforts will be made through ‘Wakeup’ Punekar to scrutinize the measures suggested by the Punekar. Placards with slogans such as ‘#AdaklaiPunekar’, ‘#WakeupPunekar’ will also be put up in the entire city.”

Organizations working in the field, police administration, schools and colleges will be associated with this people’s movement. Conferences and workshops will be held on various topics. Mohan Joshi said that the measures suggested by the people of Pune will be presented to the concerned departments and followed up, social media platforms will also be used for these problems.

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