Watch: Content creator exposes alleged Swiggy scam, highlights delivery app woes

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In a viral video, content creator Swati Mukund shared her frustrating encounter with the popular food delivery app Swiggy, shedding light on a purported scam circulating in the market. Mukund detailed her experience, revealing that she had placed an order via the app at 8:20 PM with an estimated delivery time of 30 minutes. However, the order failed to materialize until 9:00 PM, prompting her to contact Swiggy’s customer care.

During her conversation with Swiggy’s customer care, Mukund expressed her dissatisfaction, informing them that her food hadn’t been collected even after 45 minutes. Shockingly, the customer care representatives insisted that, according to their records, the order had been picked up at 8:40 PM, providing them until 9:10 PM to deliver the food.

Frustrated by the delay and the uncooperative response from Swiggy, Mukund emphasized her futile attempts to cancel the order or secure a refund. She concluded the video by expressing her disappointment and advised against trusting Swiggy for food needs.

The accompanying Instagram post called out Swiggy, stating, “Swiggy is not cool at all! This has happened with me and a couple of others I know, which isn’t what I expected of you.” Mukund highlighted that she paid a delivery fee of 150 rupees for a short distance of 1.8 km.

In the comment section, Mukund clarified that the problem didn’t arise from food preparation but rather the delayed delivery. Despite her understanding of delays in hot meal orders, Mukund found the prolonged wait times undeniably frustrating, especially for a ready-made item like a cake that she had ordered.

The video resonated with many viewers who shared similar experiences in the comment section, recounting instances of waiting for hours only to have their orders cancelled without explanation. The incident sheds light on the challenges faced by users of food delivery apps, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in the services provided.

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