Watch: Mumbai-Pune Expressway Faces Gridlock During Holi Weekend Traffic Surge

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Watch: Mumbai-Pune Expressway Faces Gridlock During Holi Weekend Traffic Surge

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During the Holi weekend, the Mumbai-Pune Expressway encountered severe traffic congestion, leading to significant delays for travelers. The usual four-hour journey between the cities saw an additional one-and-a-half hours due to the influx of vehicles.

As the holiday season reached its peak, travelers faced frustration over extended travel times and frequent traffic jams on the expressway. 

The surge in traffic was attributed to the long weekend coupled with festivities, with many people traveling to popular destinations like Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani.

Similar situations were observed during previous long weekends, highlighting the challenges posed by the increasing number of vehicles and stagnant road infrastructure. 

Rohidas Pawar, Deputy Commissioner of Police Traffic Branch, Pune City, has introduced new traffic regulations, to tackle the traffic situation. He announced a ban on the entry of heavy goods vehicles on 11 important roads in the city during peak hours. The move comes after a blanket ban on very heavy vehicles such as trailers, containers and articulated vehicles at 12 important entry points to the city to do away with the problem of massive traffic jams witnessed on arterial roads and key junctions in the city.

An order issued on Wednesday by Rohidas Pawar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (traffic), states that between 9am and 12 noon and from 4pm to 9 pm, heavy goods vehicles, except those of public transport and those involved in essential services, will be banned on 11 roads. These include Laxmi Road, Shivaji Road, Bajirao Road, Kelkar Road and others,

1. Laxmi Road: Sant Kabir Chowk to Tilak Chowk

2. Shivaji Road: SG Barve Chowk to Jedhe Chowk

3. Bajirao Road: Puram Chowk to Gadgil Putla Chowk

4. Kelkar Road: Tilak Chowk to Appa Balwant Chowk

5. Kumthkar Road: Tilak Chowk to Shanipar Chowk

6. Tilak Road: Tilak Chowk to Jedhe Chowk

7. Jangali Maharaj Road: SG Barwe Chowk to Khandojibaba Chowk

8. Fergusson College Road: Khandojibaba Chowk to Veer Chafekar Chowk

9. Karve Road: Khandojibaba Chowk to Paud Phata

10. Mahatma Gandhi Road: Pandol Apartment Chowk to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Statue Chowk

11. North Main Road, Koregaon Park: Koregaon Park Junction to Tadigutta Chowk

Tips for Commuters:

• Plan Ahead: Allow for extra travel time and consider alternative routes if possible.

• Stay Informed: Keep up to date with traffic advisories and updates from official sources.

• Safety First: Ensure your vehicle is in good condition to avoid breakdowns that could exacerbate traffic congestion.

• Consider Off-Peak Travel: If flexible, traveling outside of peak times can help avoid the worst of the congestion.

The move aims to prioritize public safety and convenience, especially during periods of high traffic volume. With ongoing large-scale projects occupying road space, authorities are taking proactive measures to alleviate congestion and ensure smoother travel experiences for commuters.

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