Watch Video: Nagpur Smart City’s innovative approach, 3D police billboards for traffic rule awareness

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In an effort to enhance compliance with traffic rules, Nagpur City Police, part of the Nagpur Smart City initiative, has introduced a unique method that combines technology and creativity. The police force unveiled a 3D billboard featuring an animated policeman, sternly urging citizens to adhere to traffic regulations. The initiative aims not only to educate but also to serve as a visual reminder for drivers to follow road safety guidelines.

3D Billboard Awareness Campaign:

Nagpur City Police shared a video on their official X account, showcasing the 3D billboard in action. The animated policeman on the billboard can be seen addressing drivers, emphasizing the importance of following traffic rules. In the video, the virtual officer issues warnings about speed limits, admonishing a white car for exceeding the speed limit and questioning the presence of a truck in the middle of the road. The message is clear – strict actions, symbolized by issuing a challan, will be taken against violators.

The animated video serves as an innovative and attention-grabbing method to communicate essential traffic safety information. By using technology to create a lifelike representation of a police officer on the billboard, Nagpur City Police aims to make the message more impactful and memorable for the public.

The video quickly gained traction on social media platforms, with users appreciating the innovative approach adopted by Nagpur Police. 

However, some users raised concerns about potential distractions for drivers, emphasizing the need for caution in implementing such creative campaigns.

Public reactions varied, with some suggesting a focus on strict actions against traffic violators. Others expressed concerns about the potential distraction caused by such visuals. It is important to note that while the video was widely shared as a real-time event, Nagpur City Police clarified that it is a CGI (computer-generated imagery) video created to raise awareness and shared on social media.

Despite the video’s CGI nature, the initiative highlights the city’s commitment to leveraging technology and creativity to address traffic-related challenges and promote road safety. The blend of technology and public awareness campaigns reflects Nagpur Smart City’s forward-thinking approach to create a safer and more compliant urban environment.

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