Watch: YouTube Skipping Videos to End for Ad-Blocker Users, Causing Frustration

Watch: YouTube Skipping Videos to End for Ad-Blocker Users, Causing Frustration

Watch: YouTube Skipping Videos to End for Ad-Blocker Users, Causing Frustration

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YouTube has started skipping videos to the end for users with ad-blockers, leading to significant frustration. Over the past few months, YouTube has intensified its crackdown on ad-blockers, initially displaying messages asking users to disable them. 

New Youtube adblock weird behaviour – video automatically skips to the end
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Ignoring these prompts prevented videos from playing, pushing many users to either uninstall their ad-blockers or find workarounds.

This week, a new issue emerged: videos are abruptly skipping to the end for many users with ad-blockers. Whether starting a video anew or replaying it, the video jumps straight to the end almost immediately. This issue specifically affects users with ad-blockers installed; when the ad-blocker is disabled, videos play normally without interruptions.

Users report that even attempting to skip to a specific part of the video results in endless loading. Many believe YouTube is intentionally causing this to discourage ad-blocker use, though it could also be an issue with the ad-blockers themselves. 

Earlier this year, a bug in AdBlock caused videos to load slowly and stressed devices running YouTube, leading to accusations against YouTube. Interestingly, the current issue predominantly affects AdBlock users, with users of other ad-blockers not reporting the same behavior. A few users without ad-blockers have also experienced this issue, but they are in the minority.

The frustration among users is palpable, with videos skipping to the end or getting stuck in loading loops making the platform nearly unusable. This situation forces users to either disable their ad-blockers, compromising their viewing experience with ads, or switch to a different ad-blocker that doesn’t cause these issues.

In conclusion, it remains unclear whether YouTube is deliberately causing this problem or if it’s an issue with specific ad-blockers. What is evident is that users are caught in the middle of this battle between YouTube and ad-blockers, resulting in a disrupted viewing experience. 

For now, disabling the ad-blocker seems to be the most effective solution, but users need to stay alert for updates or fixes that might address the problem in the future.