Weather Update : Winter weakens in Maharashtra due to moisture from sea air ; night temp to rise

Weather Update

Weather Update : Winter weakens in Maharashtra due to moisture from sea air ; night temp to rise

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Pune city in the last couple of days is seeing varied changes in the atmosphere indicating change in the climatic conditions. The climate in the Maharashtra state particularly is observing partly cloudy skies during the day in most of the cities, including Pune, due to moist winds coming from the Bay of Bengal, which is giving rise to the minimum temperature too.  

On Thursday, Shivajinagar’s minimum temperature surged to 16°C, almost six degrees above average. The city’s humidity levels have increased significantly over the past few days, rising from 87% to 92%, which has made the nights warmer.

In the upcoming days, there may be another wind interaction over west-central India, which includes parts of Maharashtra, which could intensify cloud cover over the state even more. According to an IMD forecast, this might result in another rise in nighttime temperatures.

While Maharashtra is seeing higher minimum temperatures, other parts of northern India are seeing near-normal nighttime temperatures and extremely cold daytime conditions.

On Thursday, there were cold to extremely cold temperatures across Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, west Rajasthan, and west Madhya Pradesh, as well as a few isolated areas in east Rajasthan and east Madhya Pradesh.

In some parts of north India, daytime temperatures are currently 5–8°C below average. For example, Safdarjung, Delhi, saw a daytime temperature of 12.5°C on Thursday, which is approximately 7°C below average. It was 14.1°C in Kota, 8°C colder than usual.

In addition to Pune, other regions of Maharashtra are also reporting higher minimum temperatures. For instance, on Thursday, Lohegaon recorded a minimum temperature of 17.3°C, which was 5.3°C above normal, while Malegaon recorded a minimum temperature of 17.6°C, which was over 7°C above normal. The lowest recorded temperature in Kolhapur was 19.7°C. This was 5°C higher than usual. On Monday, Sangli’s minimum temperature was 19.9°C, which was 6°C higher than usual.

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