“Why should we vote?” say Pashan residents expressing displeasure through banners in Pashan area

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In the wake of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the administration is creating voter awareness everywhere. Political parties have started campaigning. But in the Pashan area of Pune, the citizens, who are tired of saying that the political leaders and the administration did not do the work of the common citizens in the previous tenure, have expressed their displeasure through banners.

Sameer Uttarkar & Amit Khanekar have put this banner in Pashan.

As per further information from Sameer Uttarkar, “Citizens fed up with the administration of Pashan area of Pune expressed their displeasure through banners.

When the administration has no sense when they do not care about the voters, then why should we vote?”

The banner put up in Pashan area reads:

“In our Pashan – Someshwarwadi – Sutarwadi, let alone development works, there is also a lack of basic facilities.”

“Here, people still have to agitate for drinking water (in some places there is no water at all and in some places water comes with low pressure).”

“Here you will see potholes even on main roads.”

“Citizens have to go to court for demanding good roads. It has become a daily routine here to visit the Municipal Corporation or the ward office for drainage system.”

“The condition of monsoon lines and drains has become very bad.”

“The India-Pakistan border issue will be resolved, but there is a doubt whether the water hyacinth in the Pashan Lake will disappear forever or not. The gardens and playgrounds here have become dens of liquor consumption due to a lack of security. Here, the roads are shortened and footpaths/sidewalks widened when there is no such need or demand.”

“The representatives of the people, who are closest to us citizens, are corporators. But for the last several years, they are nowhere to be found, and the sight of MLAs and MPs is a very rare occasion.”

“After living in such a situation, one question, as a local citizen, definitely comes to mind – Why should we vote?”

“Note: We do not want representatives who distribute sarees, gifts, food etc. We want representatives who solve our problems.”

“All suffering citizens of Pashan – Someshwarwadi – Sutarwadi”

Shreyas Vange

Podar Prep
Podar Prep