Wife seeks legal action as Husband allegedly refuses personal hygiene

Wife seeks legal action as Husband allegedly refuses personal hygiene

Wife seeks legal action as Husband allegedly refuses personal hygiene

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Domestic violence, extramarital affairs, alcoholism, and substance addiction are common causes of conflicts between spouses. However, have you ever heard that a woman demanded justice because her husband did not maintain cleanliness at home? Yes, it’s true. 

In Turkey, a woman approached the court against her husband for not keeping the house clean. Despite continuous protests, the husband did not give up his messy habits. The woman claimed that her husband not only neglected cleanliness but also inflicted physical harm. This dispute led her to seek justice against her husband in the 19th Family Court in Ankara.

The woman complained about her husband’s lack of personal hygiene and the need for cleanliness at home. She alleged that her husband occasionally inflicted physical harm, resulting in a constant unpleasant odor emanating from his body. The woman claimed that he bit her once or twice a week.

The woman’s lawyer presented witnesses in court. The witnesses stated that the woman’s husband did not maintain personal hygiene. After hearing the arguments and testimonies, the court approved the woman’s complaint. 

In addition to acknowledging the distress caused to the wife due to the husband’s lack of personal cleanliness, the court ordered the husband to pay a compensation of 50,000 Turkish Lira (approximately 14,000 dollars).

To strengthen these claims, witnesses were also summoned, including acquaintances and some colleagues from the husband’s workplace. 

All of them confirmed the woman’s statements as true. The court recognized the woman’s plea for compensation for the distress caused by her husband’s lack of personal hygiene and ordered him to pay 50,000 Turkish Lira (14,000 dollars) as damages. The woman’s attorney, Senem, handled the case related to this woman.

According to Senem Yilmaz, it is necessary for couples to communicate and address issues responsibly after spending three to six years together. 

In case of unbearable hardships caused by one partner’s actions, the other has the right to file a petition for divorce. 

Senem emphasizes the importance of maintaining awareness and attentiveness in human relationships. She suggests that focusing on conduct and cleanliness is crucial for nurturing meaningful connections.

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