Woman finds cockroach in Japanese miso ramen chicken ordered from Zomato, company reacts

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A Zomato customer from Agartala, Sonai Acharya, expressed her shock and disappointment after claiming to find a cockroach in a bowl of Japanese ramen she ordered through the food delivery platform. 

The incident occurred with a food order from Auntie Fug’s, and Acharya shared pictures of the unwanted addition to her meal on X. She described the experience as “horrific” and expressed her displeasure with the quality control of Zomato. 

In response, Zomato initiated a refund of Rs 320 for the order and apologized for the unfortunate incident. 

The incident comes at a time when Zomato has faced other criticisms, including a customer moving court over the rapid delivery of kebabs from a restaurant located 500 km away.

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