Woman Finds “Oily Frothy Liquid” in Ice Cream Ordered from Zepto, Company Reacts

Woman Finds "Oily Frothy Liquid" in Ice Cream Ordered from Zepto, Company Reacts

Woman Finds "Oily Frothy Liquid" in Ice Cream Ordered from Zepto, Company Reacts

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The increasing reliance on food delivery apps for convenience has brought to light various issues related to quality control and service. In a recent incident, a woman discovered an “oily frothy liquid” in the ice cream she ordered from the e-commerce platform Zepto, raising concerns about food safety and storage practices.

Dr Nandita Iyer took to X (formerly Twitter) to share her unsettling experience with a photo of the compromised ice cream. “Wonder what Amul is adding to their ice creams these days. Ordered Amul vanilla gold from @ZeptoNow and opened it instantly. An oily frothy liquid has separated out. Gross stuff,” she tweeted. Dr. Iyer further criticized Zepto for likely not maintaining the correct storage conditions, suggesting that the freezer might not have been powered on.

The post quickly went viral, attracting a wave of comments and sparking a discussion about the quality and safety of delivered food products. In response, Zepto promptly addressed the complaint on social media. “Hi, We regret this unpleasant experience. Could you please DM us your registered contact details or order ID? Our team will shortly get in touch with you,” the company tweeted.

Dr. Iyer, however, expressed her frustration with the customer service interaction she had already experienced. “Already wasted 5 mins interacting with customer service on chat and alerted them that your storage of frozen food is not right. Maybe a food inspector needs to pay the stores a visit,” she replied.

Meanwhile, in the comments section, users shared their own experiences. 

“When I kept it in freezer for quite some time..there was a translucent ice cream that I saw… I realised it’s because of vegetables oil..if you see ingredients vegetable oil is a big chunk,” wrote one user. 

“The last 3 times I ordered dairy from Zepto I had food poisoning (in Mumbai) – 3 times in a row! Have stopped ordering fresh goods from them now despite how fast and good the service is, just can’t risk it. Zepto clearly expanded too fast and don’t have chilled storage capacity,” shared another

Exact same experience with Amul gold vanilla ice cream ordered via Zepto. Surprisingly the regular Amul ice cream turned out fine,” commented a third user

This incident highlights the critical need for stringent quality control and proper storage protocols in the food delivery industry to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.