Zomato Introduces ‘Large Order Fleet’ for Gatherings of Up to 50 People

Zomato Introduces 'Large Order Fleet' for Gatherings of Up to 50 People

Zomato Introduces 'Large Order Fleet' for Gatherings of Up to 50 People

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Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal recently unveiled the food delivery giant’s new ‘large order fleet,’ designed to handle orders for parties, gatherings, and events. This initiative aims to enhance customer experience, particularly for larger group orders.

The ‘large order fleet’ features all-electric vehicles (EVs), showcasing Zomato’s commitment to sustainability. Goyal emphasized that these vehicles are specifically tailored to serve gatherings of up to 50 people, providing a seamless delivery experience.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Goyal shared a photo of the EV for deliveries and expressed excitement about introducing India’s first large order fleet. He highlighted that previously, Zomato managed large orders through multiple delivery agents, which sometimes led to suboptimal customer experiences. The introduction of the new fleet aims to address these challenges.

However, Goyal acknowledged that the feature is still a “work in progress.” Zomato plans to enhance the fleet further by adding features such as cooling compartments and hot boxes with temperature control, ensuring the quality and freshness of delivered food.

This announcement comes after Zomato faced backlash for its earlier introduction of a “pure veg fleet” for delivering orders from vegetarian-only restaurants. Following concerns and criticism, the company swiftly rolled back plans for separate green uniforms or boxes. Goyal emphasized Zomato’s commitment to addressing feedback and continuously improving its services based on customer input.