12 yr old Pimple Saudagar writes book titled The Quest on Magic

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Renuka Suryavanshi

When the whole world was battling against the pandemic, 12 year old Varnika Dixit was busy noting her thoughts and imaginations. The result is a compilation of a book which she wrote down in the last one and a half. A book titled – The Quest of Magic was recently published in the month of October 2021.

Varnika Dixit is a resident of Mithras Park society in Pimple Saudagar.

Her mom, Aarti spoke to Pune Pulse about her interest in writing fictional stories. She said Varnika Dixit has been fond of writing since she was 5 years old. She disliked going to the school and always felt quite bored. But she always enjoyed it when she was left to do things on her own. She would spent hours with her own self. As a mother I feel that each child is different and parents should give that space to a child to develop their skills. But slowly when I observed her and got involved in her activities, I could see the spark. I felt I should mould my expectations as per her abilities and not to force what I expect from her. Since then there is no looking back. Now, Varnika, a student of SNBP International School, keeps on writing and I have to keep a track of it, as to where she has written and till where. I am enjoying it the most now.

Aarti further shared that during this time of pandemic where kids are studying online,she has utilized her time and energy in a good direction. We have received very good support from her school, principal, and teachers. Infact when I took the draft copy of her book, the publishers were very happy.

“Parenting is a learning process. Even I was learning along with her. Instead of going in opposite direction, I went with the flow along with her, studying her, encouraging her every single time,” Aarti concluded.

Varnika writes blog and is also on YouTube. Below are the details :


Blog Link – SaVarnika Indians


YouTube link – SaVarnika Indians