14 year old pedals 450 kms in just 25 hrs; travels from Pune to Maskawad

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Akash Dhanurkar

Lockdown seemed traumatising for each and every individual with few people struggling against financial instability, while few struggling to keep themselves healthy. But, a very few people have found succesful way out in their passion and profession.

Chinmay Patil, a 14year old student from Nigdi, took his passion for fitness and cycling to a next level, when he completed a milestone cycling from Pune to Maskavad, covering 450 kilometer in just 25 hours. The family was travelling to their village in Maskavad Khurd to celebrate Diwali festival. But Chinmay wanted to pedal to the village without anyone assisting him mid way and hence his father somehow gave him permission to pedal alone on the highway to the village. His father, along with Chinmay’s elder sister stood behind chasing his journey from car.

While talking with Chinmay’s mother, Sarika Patil said, “I am extremely happy that Chinmay celebrated Diwali in a healthy and unimaginable fashion. I think, in the current era, children need to be pushed towards outdoor hobbies than handing them cellphone and social media platforms.”