2 yr old Kothrud resident identifies 25 flags of different countries; enters into India Book Of Records

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Two year and three months old Sonika Achar has entered the India Book Of Records for identifying more than 25 flags of different countries.

A resident of Kothrud, Sonika started learning with a book on flags that her dad had ordered online.

Ketaki her mother, a Bharatnatyam dancer says, “It was her dad’s birthday on September 18 and I decided to surprise him by preparing Sonika for identifying a few flags. I started showing her 4-5 flags from the book everyday and within a week she memorized that and showed interest to learn more. She was exactly 2 when we started and by September she was ready with identification of 25 flags!”

When asked about Sonika’s interest in learning new things, Ketaki shares, “
It started as a fun activity. I started showing her different flags from that book, helping her understand different color combinations & peculiarity of each flag. Sonika started showing a great interest in learning and even today, brings that book to me and we play a quiz where I call out the country’s name and she recognizes the flag accurately!
Today, she recognizes flags of almost 40 different countries, and our learning continues each day.”

On being asked what should be the parents contribution in making children learn new things in the digital era, Ketaki informs, “As a mother, I truly believe that, it’s the parents job to show the correct path, introduce them to new learning without pressuring them. But surely motivate them wherever they show interest.”

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Sonika is also learning Japanese language and goes for Skating in the evening. Her mother a Bharatnatyam dancer takes virtual classes and Sonika follows her. By now she knows more than 12 Asanyukta hasta mudras.