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On December 23, 2021 Leva Bhratru Mandal awarded scholarship to Pallavi Chaudhary. The amount of Rs 30,000 was handed to Pallavi for the education of her children. Pallavi’s husband died due to covid-19 in the month of April, he being the only breadwinner, there was no other source of income. Her children had lost the chance of getting an education. Realizing the need to help her children, the members of the Mandal decided to sponsor the education of Pallavi’s children.

“Whenever we are informed about such cases where people are in need of help, we come forward and help. In the past we have helped many families,” said Purushottam Pimple, President of Leva Bhratru Mandal.
He further stated that “All the facilities created by the Mandal are available to all members of the society. Special concessions will be given to the students studying in municipal / government schools and disabled children. We are also coming up with a library and study center which is expected to be operational by January 15, 2022.”

“We are implementing various schemes in Pimple Saudagar, such as scholarship scheme, study rooms, library and competitive examination guidance center and the work being done by the board to enhance the educational quality of school and college children,” informed Krishnaji Khadase, working president Bhratru Mandal.
On this occasion, Shankarsheth Jagtap also announced to provide necessary books and other help for the library and competitive examination guidance center, medical equipment bank. He also promised to waive off the school fees of Pallavi Chaudhary’s son and assured her to give a job.”

For the event Wakad corporator Sandeep Kaspate, Rahul Jawalkar and many other dignitaries were present.