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Adeep Deepak Wagh, a resident of Edenn Towers in Wakad is an all rounder. He is an ace cyclist and a skating expert too.

He has recently won a gold medal in the prestigious 65th National School Games Cycling Road Championship 2019-20 held at Baramati. Adeep is a student of Class 8 studying in Indira School. His mother Anusha Deepak Wagh shares about Adeep’s journey from the beginning. She said, “Adeep started to pursue his interest in sports through swimming. At the age of 9.5 yrs. He played his first nationals in Triathlon.  He continued to get trained professionally until he was 12. Meanwhile, he was keen in doing skating. He was really facinated by this sport and played the state level School Games and Roller Skating Federation games this year in the U14 category.

He took up pedalling as a sport a year back and has quite a few accolades this year. Cycling is very close to his heart and he ensures that he keeps himself abrust with all the technical knowledge time and again. She further said that they never forced him to choose a particular game. It’s his will and passion that he chose to play these games and has made them proud every time. He now knows to balance his school, studies and his games so they are not worried about his studies. Also, being into sports keeps him positive and motivated and fit too.The time has come that children should be kept away from the digital gadgets and we must bring them back to healthy activities. â€œAlso, being always around him we have also become extremely positive in our own lives which makes a big difference to all of us,” Anusha concluded.  Anusha thanks the school for allowing and supporting him in all his events.

– Story By Renuka Suryavanshi